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Avoiding injuries to patients from care that is intended to help them, without accidental error or inadvertent exposures



Reducing waits and harmful delays impacting smooth delivery of care



Providing services based on scientific knowledge to all who could benefit and refraining from providing services to those not likely to benefit (avoiding overuse and underuse)



Using resources to achieve best value by reducing waste and reducing production and administrative costs



Providing care that does not vary in quality according to personal characteristics such as gender, income, ethnicity, or location



Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values

The STEEEP® Global Institute leverages the expertise and experience of Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) to assist other health care organizations in improving health care quality. Baylor Scott & White Health, formed from the merger of Baylor Health Care System (BHCS) and Scott & White Healthcare (SWH), has traveled the quality improvement journey over the course of 100 years, and is the largest not-for-profit health care system in the state of Texas. With a history of visionary care, STEEEP Global Institute’s aim is to help others achieve the highest levels of quality and safety for their patients.

We offer solutions in the areas of administration and board governance, physician leadership, nurse leadership, and data and analytics that can be customized to fit your precise needs and goals. We have a robust portfolio of tools and tactics for addressing patient safety and quality improvement. Whether your organization is building a foundation for quality improvement (QI), working to operationalize QI, or honing its existing QI culture, we can help.

We collaborate with domestic and international clients to identify and solve problems in health care delivery with the ultimate goal of making health care more safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient centered (STEEEP).

Our services and products are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and include quality improvement and leadership training, services and tools to improve patient safety, and performance measurement and reporting tools focused around the six domains of STEEEP care.